Chef Peppe Guida’s recipes

Welcome to this section of excellent and tasty recipes but first of all: really easy to make at home!
If you come this far, you’d know already the strict bond between Pastificio dei Campi and Chef Peppe Guida!
From years now he features all of Pastificio dei Campi’s events: as mentor of young JRE, at food exhibitions, hosting masterclass and ontheroad cooking shows.
Chef Peppe is  wide appreciated from the Gastronomic Criticism, he’s also hosting the TV show on Gambero Rosso Channel “Questa terra è la mia terra” (- This land is my own land) , who became also a book among the edited series “I segreti della cucina contemporanea” (- Contemporary cuisine’s secrets) and author of “Le ricette di Casa Mia” ( – Recipes of my home) , both published from Gambero Rosso.
Throughout all these years of collaboration, we collected a lot of Chef Peppe’s recipes and we decided to share them in this section to let all of you making his dishes at home as true chefs!