Bombardoni di Gragnano


The name – and the appearance – of this shape are inspired by a brass instrument often used in bands.

Shapes: ridged short pasta

pack 500 gr


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Bombardoni are a short pasta shape from Gragnano, the certified PGI city of pasta, produced by the Pastificio dei Campi.

The name – and the appearance – of this bronze-drawn pasta can be traced back to a wind brass musical instrument mostly used in marching bands, but actually they are nothing more than a giant penne shape, often used by chefs for recipes that include the use of a filling.        Recommended for rich and full-bodied sauces.

It is a striped pasta shape with a strong rough component and like all of our cuts, it got a high percentage of proteins and respects the entire Made in Italy supply chain using of 100% Italian fine durum wheat semolina.

The consistency is full-bodied and the color is light (almost ivory), the crucial drying process is slow and at low temperatures in static cells, as the pasta makers from Gragnano recommend since 600 years ago.

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Pasta di semola di grano duro


Semola di GRANO duro, acqua

Contiene Glutine

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Paese di Coltivazione del Grano


Paese di Molitura del Grano



Conservare in luogo fresco e asciutto. Una volta aperto, tenerlo lontano da fonti di calore e umidità in un contenitore chiuso e possibilmente distante da: riso, noci, nocciole, cibo per animali, spezie essiccate, cereali in granella, legumi secchi.


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