Terms and Conditions


  1. Subject

These general conditions of sale apply to the purchase of products of the brand Pastificio dei Campi, made by users via the e-commerce website www.pastificiodeicampi.it. All products and prices detailed on the website constitute an offer to the public for the purposes and within the limitations and modes stipulated by the website itself and in the following terms and conditions.

All procedures regarding sale, delivery and payment are listed in detail in the various sections of the website and are considered an integral and essential part of this contract.

Conditions applicable to individual orders will be those stipulated on the website at the time the order was placed. Any new conditions will be effective from the time of publication on the website and will only be applied to purchases concluded subsequently.

The website is dedicated to retail sales and sale to chefs, and as such is intended solely for use by these two categories of consumers.

In order to make a purchase via the website, the consumer must be an adult (over 18) and have legal capacity, which the consumer declares is the case.

In order to make purchases on the website, the consumer must be identified as a private user or a chef; in the latter subject to prior authorisation requested on registration on the e-commerce site and accepted by the managers of the online shop.

By sending the confirmation of their online purchase, the customer unconditionally accepts and agrees to be bound by the general and payment conditions stated below in their relations with Pastificio dei Campi, and states that he or she has read and accepted all the information provided.

These conditions of purchase must be examined online by customers visiting the  www.pastificiodeicampi.it website before confirmation of the order. Sending the order confirmation therefore implies complete knowledge and full acceptance of these conditions.
Prior to confirmation of the purchase, the customer will see a summary of the unit price of each product chosen, the total cost in the case of more than one product and the transport costs.
On confirming the purchase and completing the transaction, the customer will receive an email containing the number, date and total cost of the order.

Any communication between the customer regarding and/or related to the purchase of products, including any claims, complaints and enquiries concerning the purchase and/or delivery of products, the exercise of the right of withdrawal etc, should be sent to the seller using the contact details and the procedure indicated on the website to the email address sales@pastificiodeicampi.it.

  1.  Product characteristics and availability

Pastificio dei Campi undertakes to update the information and images on the website, as the product range on offer may be updated or subject to changes.

Products are sold with the characteristics described on the website and in accordance with the general conditions of sale published on the website at the time of sending of the order by the customer, to the exclusion of any other terms and conditions.

The seller reserves the right to change these general conditions of sale at any time at their discretion, without obligation to provide site users with any prior notification. Any modifications made will be effective from the date of publication on the website and will apply solely to sales concluded after this date.

Prices, products on sale on the website and/or their characteristics are subject to variation without prior warning. Before sending the order, the customer is invited to check the final purchase price.

The website can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Nevertheless, products available on the website can be purchased only by users who request delivery to one of the countries listed on the website.

  1.  Unavailable products

Pastificio dei Campi declines responsibility for the lack of availability of a product or products.

In such an eventuality, Pastificio dei Campi undertakes to act in accordance with the customer’s wishes (by replacing the product with a similar one or removing it from the order).

Due to causes related to the availability of products, there may be a discrepancy between the value of products ordered and that of the products delivered. When the value of the products delivered is lower than those ordered, Pastificio dei Campi undertakes to reduce the amount payable on delivery or give the customer a credit which can be used against subsequent purchases.


  1.  Procedure for purchasing products

The purchase order sent to the seller from the customer via the website has the value of a contractual proposal and is regulated by these general conditions of sale, which constitute an integral part of the order itself and which the customer, by sending the order, is obliged to accept fully and without reserve.

Before proceeding with a purchase by sending the order, the customer will be asked to carefully read these general conditions and the information regarding the right of withdrawal, to print a copy using the print button and to memorise or keep a copy for his or her records. The customer will also be asked to check for and correct any error in the entry of his or her personal information.

The customer’s order is accepted by the seller by means of sending an email confirming the order to the customer at the email address provided to the seller at the time of registration on the website or sending of the order. This email will contain a link to these general conditions of sale, a summary of the order placed and a description of the product ordered.

The customer’s order, the seller’s confirmation of the order and the general conditions of sale applicable to the relations between parties will be electronically archived by the seller in their computer system, and the customer can request a copy by emailing the seller at the address  sales@pastificiodeicampi.it.

Every contract for the purchase of products is considered concluded when the customer receives confirmation of the order from the seller via email.


  1. Procedure for the selection and purchase of products

The products presented on the website may be purchased by the customer selecting the products of interest and placing them in the virtual shopping basket.

Having finished choosing products, in order to complete the purchase of the products placed in the basket, the customer will be invited to register with the website, or to log in, if they are already registered, or to provide their details to complete the order and process the transaction.

If the details in the order are different from those provided at the time of registration, the customer will be asked to confirm their details (for example: name, surname, address), delivery address for the products, invoicing address and, optionally, a telephone number where they can be contacted regarding their purchase. The customer will see a summary of the order to be placed.

Lastly, the customer will be asked to click on the “confirm and pay” button to confirm the order, which will be sent to the seller and initiate the procedure described.  The customer will also be asked to choose the delivery and payment methods from the available options.

  1. Vouchers

Customers in possession of a money-off voucher can enter the code given on the paper or digital voucher in the relevant box at the end of the purchase process before making payment.

In this case, the total payable will be recalculated to take into account the value of the voucher or discount. The adjusted total will be seen by the customer before choosing the method of payment.

  1. Delivery and acceptance of goods

The order sent by the customer will be binding for Pastificio dei Campi only when the entire order procedure has been duly and correctly completed with no errors highlighted by the website. Pastificio dei Campi will not include products in the order which are not expressly requested by the customer.

The seller undertakes to do everything in their power to respect the delivery times stated on the website and, in all cases, to carry out delivery within a maximum of 30 days from the day after the order is sent by the customer. In the event of failure to deliver the order on the part of the seller due to the unavailability – including temporary – of the product, the seller will provide a written notification to the customer and will reimburse any sums already paid by the customer or ask for their authorisation to substitute another product.

Shipping of the products ordered by the customer will be executed in the manner selected by the customer from the available options indicated on the website at the time of ordering.

In the event that the packaging of products ordered by the customer arrives at the destination clearly damaged, the customer is invited to refuse the delivery by the courier or to accept the delivery “with reservations”, specifying on the delivery document the type of damage occurring.

  1. Prices, shipping costs and taxes

The price of products is that indicated on the website at the time of sending the order. Prices are inclusive of the cost of standard packaging and VAT (where applicable), but do not include delivery costs, which are calculated prior to confirmation of the order by the seller and which the customer undertakes to pay in addition to the prices indicated on the website.

The customer must pay the seller the total price as shown on the order and the order confirmation sent by email by the seller to the customer.

If the products are to be delivered to a country outside the European Union, the total price indicated in the order and confirmed in the order confirmation, inclusive of indirect taxes (where applicable) and net of any customs duties and any other tax on sales, which the customer undertakes at that moment to pay, where due, in addition to the price indicated on the order and the confirmation, in accordance with legal requirements in the country where the products are to be delivered. The customer is invited to consult the relevant authorities in their country of residence or the destination of the products for information regarding any duties or taxes applicable in these countries.

Any other further cost, duty and/or tax applicable in a given country on any product ordered under these general conditions of sale is payable solely by the customer. The customer accepts that lack of knowledge about costs, duties and/or taxes at the time of sending an order to the seller does not constitute a cause for withdrawal from this contract, and that the seller will under no circumstances be liable for any such costs.


9.  Payment

Payment for products purchased on the website must be made at the time of ordering by credit card or PayPal. The customer expressly accepts that the contract with the seller comes into force at the moment the cost of the product or products purchased is credited to the account of the seller.

Payment may be made by credit card or PayPal according to the conditions described below. The seller may allow other payment methods, which will be indicated in the payments section of the website.

When the payment is made by credit card, the customer will be transferred to a secure site and the credit card details will be communicated directly to DEUTSCHE BANK. The information will be sent securely using encrypted SSL transfer (Secure Sockets Layer). Data handled in this way is not accessible to the seller.

The seller will send the invoice in paper form inside the envelope containing the shipping documentation which accompanies the goods.

10. Delivery methods

Products ordered will be delivered in sealed packages; to maximise the organisation, efficiency and economy of the delivery service.

11.  Right of withdrawal

The customer’s rights are protected by legislative decree 185/99. The customer therefore has the right to withdraw from the contract, including partially, without explanation and without incurring additional costs, on condition that the withdrawal is notified by registered post to Pastificio dei Campi – Customer Services, Via dei Campi 50, 80054 Gragnano (NA), within 10 working days of receipt of the order. Notification may be also be made within the same time limit, by email to the address sales@pastificiodeicampi.it or by telegram, on condition that it is confirmed by registered post within the subsequent 48 hours. Such notification must specify the desire to withdraw from the purchase and the product or products for which the customer intends to exercise their right to withdrawal, and include a copy of the invoice. The customer must then return the goods at their own expense to  Pastificio dei Campi Via dei Campi 50, 80054 Gragnano (NA).
When the withdrawal has been carried out in this way, Pastificio dei Campi will proceed to reimburse the sum paid for the purchase of the product as rapidly as possible, and in any case within 30 days from the date on which Pastificio dei Campi was made aware of the customer’s use of the right to withdrawal, on condition that the entirety of the goods

have been received within this period. The sum reimbursed will be net of delivery costs.
The right to withdrawal is not permitted in the case of:

  1. purchase of sealed packages which have been opened by the customer;
  2. bespoke or personalised packaging;
  3. goods which by their nature cannot be returned, or which risk rapid deterioration or damage.

12. Complaints

Unauthorised returns which have not been previously agreed are not accepted. Products in sealed packages which have been opened by the customer are not accepted.

In the event that breakage or lack of a product is ascertained, or a product sent which does not comply with the customer’s order, the customer has the right to request the delivery or replacement of the missing or defective product or a credit on subsequent purchases to the same value as the product or products in question. Notification of such anomalies must be made within 3 days of the delivery date, to the contact address indicated in these General Conditions. Costs for the replacement of goods are payable by Pastificio dei Campi. Pastificio dei Campi is not liable for imperfect state of products due to incorrect storage after the time of delivery.

13. Disputes

Any dispute regarding the application, execution, interpretation or violation of the online contract between the customer and Pastificio dei Campi is subject to Italian jurisdiction. For any dispute arising between the parties, the competent authority is the court in the customers place of residence, if this is in Italy. Where the customer’s place of residence is outside Italy, the competent authority is that of the registered address of Pastificio dei Campi.

14.  Intellectual property and copyright

The customer accepts that all the content of this website, including documents, logos and names, as well as all distinctive marks, denominations, images, photography, written text or graphics used by the website or regarding the products are and will remain the sole property of PASTIFICIO DEI CAMPI, and that no right over these is derived by the customer by accessing the website and/or purchasing products.
Content of the website may not be reproduced wholly or partially, circulated using conventional or electronic means, modified or used for any purpose without prior written permission from PASTIFICIO DEI CAMPI.
All content is protected by the laws on authors’ rights and the law on protection of brands, as well as being covered by copyright.

The website may also contain images, videos, articles, documents, logos and brands from third parties which have expressly authorised the owner of the website to publish them on this website and/or have been acquired and published by the owner of the website in good faith as material appropriate for the public domain. Such material from third parties is also protected by the laws on authors’ rights and the law on protection of brands, as well as being covered by copyright. With the exception of strictly personal use, it is forbidden to copy, alter, distribute, publish and/or use the contents of this website without the prior express permission of the website owner and, in any case, with the express obligation to state their source.

15.  Customer data and protection of privacy

In order to register for the website, send orders and therefore conclude the agreement, the website requires certain personal details from the customer. The customer is aware that the personal details provided will be recorded and used by the seller, PASTIFICIO DEI CAMPI, in accordance with Italian law as in the legislative decree no. 196/2003 and subsequent amendments  – Privacy Code, in order to implement purchases made through the website and, subject to the customer’s consent, for other purposes as stipulated in the note on privacy made available to the consumer by the website at the time of registration.

The customer declares and guarantees that data provided to the seller during the registration and purchase process is complete and correct.

The customer may at any time update and/or/modify the personal details provided to the seller through the “My Account” section of the website, available on login.

16. Special offers, Gifts and promotions

Promotions introduced by  Il PASTIFICIO DEI CAMPI are valid while stocks of the products last and are subject to the regulations indicated for individual offers in terms of time and quantity. Promotions cannot be combined.
Products on promotion may be delivered in promotional packaging, different from that shown on the website. The offer of any free products is valid while stocks last.

No replacement or return is possible for any products received by the customer free of charge.


Welcome to the “shop.pastificiodeicampi.it” website, the official online store of  PASTIFICIO DEI CAMPI.

This website (henceforth the Website) is the property of  Pastificio dei Campi Srl, with registered offices in Via dei Campi 50, 80054 Gragnano (NA), VAT number 07949890631.

Access and use of the website are regulated by these General Conditions of Use. Access and use of the site, and the purchase of products, assumes the user has read, understood and accepted these General Conditions of Use as well as the General Conditions of Sale.

For assistance and/or information regarding orders and shipping, suggestions and notifications, returns and any other general information on the services provided by the website, please contact us by email at sales@pastificiodeiucampi.it. For any other legal information, consult the sections General Conditions of Sale, Withdrawal and Privacy Policy.

PASTIFICIO DEI CAMPI may change or update wholly or partially these General Conditions of Use at any time. Users will be notified of changes and updates to the General Conditions of Use as soon as these come into use via the website’s Homepage, and they will be binding as soon as they are published in this section of the website. If you do not agree wholly or partially with the website’s General Conditions of Use, please do not use our website.

The user is responsible for safeguarding and correct use of their personal details, including the username and password that give access to reserved areas, and also for any detrimental consequence or damage caused to  PASTIFICIO DEI CAMPI or to third parties due to incorrect use, loss or misplacement of such information.


We remind you to read the Privacy Policy carefully – in order to understand the ways in which the website collects and uses your personal details and the purposes they are used for – which also applies in the event that you access the website and use its services without making a purchase.


All content published on the website, in whatever format, including web pages, graphics, colours, diagrams, tools, fonts and website design, layout, methods, processes, functions and software which form part of the site, are protected by author’s rights and all other intellectual property rights of PASTIFICIO DEI CAMPI ; the reproduction, entire or partial, of the website and its content is forbidden without express permission in written form from PASTIFICIO DEI CAMPI.

PASTIFIO DEI CAMPI has the sole right to authorise or prohibit the direct or indirect reproduction, either temporary or permanent, in any shape or form, full or partial of the website and its content. Regarding use of the website, as a user you are only authorised to:

(i)        view the website and its content;

(ii)       carry out any other operation of temporary reproduction, without economic consequence and considered transitory or accessory, which is an integral and essential part of viewing the website and its content;

(iii)     all other navigation operations on the website carried out solely for legitimate use of the site and its contents.

Any other reproduction must be authorised on every occasion by PASTIFICIO DEI CAMPI. Such operations must be in any case carried out for legitimate purposes and in accordance with the author’s rights and intellectual property rights held by De Cecco and TD and the authors of individual components of the website’s contents.


These General Conditions of Use are regulated by Italian law.


In accordance with article 13 of legislative decree 196/2003, consultation and use of the website  www.pastificiodeicampi.it in itself does don entail any processing of users’ personal data.

If you wish to complete the registration process and/or use the services offered by the website by accessing reserved areas (for example, making a purchase and related activities, including operations linked to administrative and financial procedures, sending of the newsletter, when requested), we invite you to complete the appropriate fields requested at any time and to give your consent for the processing of your personal details.

The provision of information requested by the registration form and/or for the purchase of products, as well as further personal details which will be requested for payment and delivery of goods is necessary for the execution of your order and the completion of the contract; failure to provide this data may mean it is impossible to complete the supply of goods and/or services requested. Personal data collected will usually be processed electronically and sometimes using hard copy.

The holder of data is Pastificio dei Campi, as the organisation responsible for data processing and exclusive handling of sales and transactions executed via the website, for example administration, collection of payment, management of orders and operations necessary to the online sale of products through the website. For the execution of operations essential for the sale of products through the website, processing involves users’ details such as name and surname, address and information linked to the credit card (for example name and surname of the card holder, card number, expiry date, security code).

Furthermore, Pastificio dei Campi may also use your data to send promotional emails about products and services similar to those previously purchased, unless you decline to receive these by exercising your right of refusal in accordance with article 130, clause 4 of DLegs 196/2003.

Furthermore, subject to prior consent, data may also be used for marketing purposes such as the sending of promotional material regarding products and services different to those already purchased and special offers from Pastificio deiCampi.

This processing excludes any use of details of your credit card for purposes other than checking the existence of payment methods, debiting and management of payments, as well as handling any disputed claims and procedures. To this end, the aforementioned data will also be handled by the bank that provides services associated with the handling of online payments and the organisation that issues the credit card you use to confirm your order.

If you wish to have a complete list of entities which will handle your details, we invite you to contact our Customer Services or email us at sales@pastificiodeicampi.it.
The category of employees who will process your data for the aforementioned purposes are those involved in website management, accountancy, customer services, marketing activities (where consent has been obtained), IT systems and third parties who carry out data processing on our behalf (such as, for example, maintenance of IT systems, shippers and carriers, legal consultants and companies involved in the creation and/or running of advertising campaigns etc); data may also be passed to authorities authorised to receive it.
In accordance with article 7 of legislative decree 196/2003, users may exercise their right to consult, modify or delete their data or refuse consent to its use for marketing purposes, by contacting us at the above postal address. In the same way you can request the complete and updated list of data handlers.

Below is the text of article 7 of legislative decree 196/2003. Rights attributed to the interested party:

1. The interested party has the right to discover the existence or otherwise of their personal details, even if these are not yet recorded, and their communication in intelligible form.
2.  The interested party has the right to obtain information regarding
a. the origin of personal data;
b. the purposes and methods of processing;
c. the logic applied in the event of processing carried out with the aid of electronic tools;
d. the identity of the data holder, processor and their designated representative, in accordance with article 5, clause 2;
e. the individuals and categories of individuals to which personal data may be conveyed or who may come into contact with it in their capacity as designated representative of the the country or employee of the same.
3. The interested party has the right to obtain:
a. the updating, correction or, when relevant, supplementation of the data;
b. the deletion, anonymisation or blocking of data processed in violation of the law, including where its preservation is not necessary for the purposes for which the data has been collected and subsequently processed;
c. confirmation that operations referred to in a. and b. have been brought to the attention, along with their content, to anyone to whom the data has been passed or circulated, except in case where this is impossible or involves processes which are manifestly disproportionate to the right protected.
4. The interested party has the right to oppose, wholly or partially:
a. for legitimate reasons, the processing of their personal data, even if this is pertinent to the purpose of collection;
b. the processing of personal data for the purpose of sending advertising or direct sales material or for market research or commercial communications.



Delivery of products purchased on shop.pastificiodeicampi.it is carried out via GLS express courier within 7 working days of placing the order, and 10 working days in the EU.

Deliveries may be delayed during holidays; the couriers do not deliver on  25/12, 26/12, 01/01 or at weekends.

For orders paid by credit card, one additional working day should be allowed for normal administration.


Particular instructions for delivery and delivery times

To facilitate delivery,  Pastificio dei Campi provides its courier with a telephone number and instructions supplied by the customer on registration or during the purchase, so that they can be contacted and easily reached for the delivery.

To this end it is possible to enter additional notes on completion of the order.

The presence of the customer or their representative is required for delivery, at the address and the time indicated by the customer.

If the customer or their representative is not present or does not have a valid method of payment, the order will be considered cancelled; the customer will be charged (and also for successive orders) the cost of delivery and of products which cannot be forwarded to third parties (e.g. fresh and perishable products).